Interstellar: A Study in Constellation Design

I’m currently contemplating my first tattoo and I’ve been really inspired by constellation artwork and products. The stars are gorgeous, romantic and a bit of a passion of mine – I’ve always loved the idea of outer space and, conveniently, my name is Stella which means star in Latin. While I try to psych myself into voluntary pain, here are some amazing designs that I’ve been eyeing for inspiration and courage.


1. Ursa Major Illustration by Adam Johnson (this is the design I really want for my tattoo!)


2. Ursa Major Pillow by lovecalifornia


3. Constellation Doormat from Modcloth


4. Celestial Chateau Tea Towel Set from ModCloth


5. Constellation Wallpaper from Spoonflower


6. Whimsical Constellation Throw Pillow from Nuvango


7. Foil Constellation Prints from Minted


Suffice to say, all of these are on my wishlist!

♥ Enjoy – Stella


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